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Partner under Erasmus+ KA 2

Dear Colleagues,

A Bulgarian School for Maths and Science - Vidin is looking to participate as partner in Erasmus + programme. If you are aware about schools or organizations which are looking for a Bulgarian partner to apply under Erasmus + programme, Key Action 2, Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, could you please forward them the contacts of Loreta Borisova, email: loreta_valentinova@yahoo.com, telephone:+359889704530 (Maths and Science High School in Vidin)?. You can find bellow more details about the school.

Best regards,

Andrian Aleksandrov

Europe Direct Vidin


Looking for a Bulgarian partner?

We are “Ekzarh Antim I” Maths and Science High School /ППМГ „Екзарх Антим I”/ and we are from Vidin, Bulgaria. We would be very happy if you include us as a partner in your Erasmus + project, Key Action 2, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.  The deadline for applying is 31.03.2017.

The teachers would be reliable partners as they are flexible and hard-working. They have experience in Comenius, Erasmus + and Cross-Border Programmes.

Our students are winners in most of the national competitions they attend. They show competences in different fields including sports, Maths, IT, Science, Robotics, theatre plays, they have European awareness, management qualities and language affinity.

It would be useful to share good practices and experience, to offer different opportunities to our students while working on a project together.

The contact person is Loreta Borisova, email: loreta_valentinova@yahoo.com, telephone:+359889704530.