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Combating racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law

Dear colleagues, 

we forward a partner search for project leader within the Program RIGHTS, EQUALITY AND CITIZENSHIP, call: REC-RRAC-HATE-AG-2016.

The organization VOX - Italian observary on rights with head quarter in Milan is interested to get in touch with project leaders in order to participate to the call “Action grants to support Member States’ authorities in the identification and exchange of best practice to ensure correct and full implementation of the EU Framework Decision on combatting racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law" with deadline 5th january 2017.

Who is VOX?

Vox- Osservatorio Italiano sui Diritti is a non profit-making organization which resolves to spread the rights’s culture in Italy and Europe. Such aim is pursued through a variety of actions:
a) Project of national impact
In 2015 we launched “la Mappa dell’Intolleranza” (Hate map) created in partnership with Milan University (Department of public Italian and supranational law), Bari University (Department of computer science and technology) and “Sapienza” University (Department of dynamic and clinical psychology) with the aim to map and geo-localize, through the analysis of twitter, the intolerance’s level in Italy (homophobia, racism, misogyny, hate against disability, islamophobia, antisemitism cf. http://www.voxdiritti.it/ecco-le-mappe-di-vox-contro-lintolleranza/ ).
La “Mappa dell’intolleranza” (year 2), promoted in 2016, analyzed, beside this, the hate speech against the islamics by monitoring the spreading of the discriminatory speech not only on the national territory, but even in single cities particularly Milan and Rome).
The project has been even presented at the congress “Non Siamo Così. Donne, parole e immagini” – “We are not like that. Women, words and imagins” the 5th of March 2015 proposed by the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies whose proceedings have been issued.
b) Project for the city
Together with the Milan municipality social policies’s Department and with S.O.S. Infertilità ONLUS “NGO S.O.S. Infertiliy” “Tutta la genitorialità possibile”- “Al possible parenthood” we have inaugurated at the “Casa dei diritti di Milano” – “the Milan Home of Rights” the first information desk with the aim of orienting and consulting couples and also sanitary operators, in order to make clear medical, legal and operative aspects of the medically assisted procreation. Moreover, we started a project in partnership with two Milan’s schools in order to sensitize the students to the topic of online hate speech, starting from the results of the “Mappa dell’Intolleranza” project.
c) The publication of articles on themes tied with rights on the association’s website www.voxdiritti.it;
d) Actions to protect fundamental rights in front of the national and international courts
We intervened in front of the Constitutional Court in order to support the unawfulnes of the scientific research’s prohibition on embryonal cells (Constitutional Court’s decision No. 84 of 2016 ); the “anti-mosques” law
issued by the Region of Lombardia (Constitutional Court’s decision No. 63 of 2016); the prohibition of AID (Constitutional Court’s decision No. 162 of 2014); the imprisonment against the sense of humanity (Constitutional Court’s decision No. 279 of 2013); moreover, we supported the recognition of the rights of same-sex couples in front of the European Human Rights Court (Case Oliari vs .Italy).

Objectives of the organization:

a) “Concrete actions including training aiming at setting up and improving a methodology of recording incidents and data collection on hates speech and hate crime”: strengthen and expand, through dialogue with other european partners, the methodologies and the tools developed for the project “A map of intolerance”.
b) “Monitoring of online hate speech, especially those projects focusing on strengthening or setting up monitoring tools at national level”:
implement at national and european level the project “Map of intolerance” from both a quantitive and a qualitative point of view.
c) Exchange of best practice and networking: to promote concrete actions to contrast the widespread use of discriminatory language, such as raise awareness of online hate speech
d) Coordination and cooperation between national authorities and civil society organisations: “the map of intolerance” is meant to be a tool of Public administrations, which, starting from the results of the project, can
propose concrete actions to contrast this phenomenon.

The partner search is addressed to all public authorities in all EU member States wich are already planning to present a project in the contest of this call.

For further information and contacts:

Mrs. Maria Elisa D’Amico
Vox - Osservatorio italiano sui diritti
Piazza della Repubblica 7, 20122, Milano - Italy
Tel. +39 026570187;
email:  voxdiritti.redazione@gmail.com
​website: www.voxdiritti.it