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EVS in Sweden

CITY OF BORÅS/SWEDEN LOOKING FOR 2 EVSCity of Borås (PIC:945731377) is a Swedish municipality, with a lot of interesting projects for young people.

Our project aims to provide leisure activities, and to involve youngsters in different activities. We are now looking to apply for the February deadline, and are looking for

2 volunteers (of different gender) who want to be a part of this exciting project that will go on for 12 months 2 may 2017-2 may 2018.  Norrbyhuset is a newly opened activity house for all ages, where the volunteers will be stationed. Norrbyhuset will have a lot of different activities for young and old people, including cooking classes, sport activities, language café, work with young people’s influence in different forms.

The house includes a library, a café, a multi-arena and a craft work station. It’s a very dynamic and eventful place to work in, where the volunteers will be incuraged to create own activities and projects together with the staff and youngsters. The house is opened both daytime and evening time, so the working hours will variate a lot.We have 3 ongoing projects, so you will have a network of other volunteers in Borås- Sweden.

To follow our blog please visit. To apply send a motivational letter and CV to evs@boras.se as soon as possible, we will get back to chosen candidates for a skype chat. Send your application asap and note that the recruitment process is ongoing. Deadline for proposals is 27 jan.