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Partner search for youth councils

Dear colleagues,

I'm in contact with a partnership made up of :

- a Youth Council from Italy + a youth association + the municipality of Omegna (northern Italy)
- a Youth Council from Bulgaria + a youth association + the municipality of Pernik)

we are  looking for a 3th Youth council or Municipality, youth association from any country, with previous experience to share in the development and management of a youth transnational initiative in the frame of Ka2 strategic partnership.

we already have a project, we will be the applicant, but we never applied for a transnational youth initiative with Erasmus+ and we would need a partner with some more expertise to share with us.

Our project is related to the exchange of good practices between local youth councils and local partner municipalities and associations.

The international confrontation will be focused on tools and methods of peer education and use of ict to activate and empower the local community by youth leading roles.

Specifically we will work on issues related to how to empower the role and the skills of young people from rural areas to become involved in the protection and enhancement of the natural resources and historical architecture.

Final goal is youth inclusion and emplyabiliyu by fostering the sustainable development of the communities in small rural villages.

Please if intrested write an e mail with details on your organisation and expertise to bellomo_francesca@yahoo.it


Many thanks in advance
with the best regards