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Travelling around European schools with an interactive cultural suitcase

Dear EDIC Manager

The following  message is from 35th Primary School of Patras, Greece. Teachers of this school are searching for partners in ERASMUS+/KA1. Please spread this to your local schools.

" Dear Sir/Madam,

 I am writing with reference to Erasmus+ KA1 as it is our wish to find partners within the framework of this EU programme.

My name iw Pinelopi Brousinou, I am a permanent teacher in the 35th Primary School of Patras , Greece 

and I am in charge of the programme.

"Travelling around European schools with an interactive cultural suitcase" is the tittle of and the aim of our programme so we would be particularly glad to share it with other primary schools.

Our goal is not only to become aware of other cultures and traditions but also make others familiar with our local customs and festivals through  interactive educational methods.

Here is  the address and the email of our school 

35th Primary School

Anthemiou 2
Patras 26441 Greece
tel/fax:  +302610 425142


Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation

We are looking forward to hearing from you

Best Regards

Pinelopi Brousinou, B.Sc, M.A.