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Intermediary org. to host internships in agriculture

Dear colleagues,

I'm looking for an organisation who could be intermediary organisation for 1/2/3 interniship placements planned for this summer. The sending organisation is a local agrarian school. http://www.innocenzoix.it/index.php/plessi/plesso-a

The school is looking for intermediary organisations from Malta, Spain, Germany, Austria, Portugal

So in case you could be intrested I would urgently need to receive an expression of interest ( if possible within tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm, cause at 4 I'll have a meeting with the school references about the project).

In case you can join us, if the project is approved,  we willl send you 1/2 just graduated students from a very good local agrarian school. http://www.innocenzoix.it/index.php/plessi/plesso-a

Students are aged 18/19 (major age) with studies and previous practicall experiences in the agrarian field (cheese, beer making, cultivating little fruits, apple, grapes, vegetables, hemp, officinal herbs).

The internship program could start around july and last 3 months.

The internship programs will be supported with grants from a local foundation suppporting internships abroad for just graduated students from vocational high schools.

In this frame we will be able to pay you to provide the students with the accomodation, food, intership program, tutorship, basic english or hosting country language training, final certificate.

This school sending the students is looking for good quality internship placements in agrarian field (good farms or agrarian business and good accomodation solutions).

So that I would need to partner with an be intermediary organisation able to network with with hosting companies active one or two of the following fields: three or flower nursery, cultivating little fruits, apple, grape, vegetables, hemp, officinal herbs, orticulture).

As anticipated I need to RECEIVE EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST with very basic informations on the proposal.

Deadline for this call is 17 february, so that , if, after tomorrow afternoon meeting, if the school is intrested and confirm me this partnership proposal, we will have time to better prepare the application and share the details.

Infact after tomorrow, in case you are intrested and selected for this cooperation,  you'll only have to send me a budget plan (with a proposal of cost per month and per participant about accomodation, food , language, tutorship, and so on).

I know it's very shot time but I really hope you can join and I look forward to hear of your expression of interest.

Please write to bellomo_francesca@yahoo.it


with the best regards,

Francesca  Bellomo