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Poland is looking for a partner for joint summer camps

Kayaking Section of Sailing Club in Chojnice, Poland is looking for a partner for joint summer camps.

We are a group of Polish young people ( between 14 and 34 years old) practicing together canoeing, swimming and basketball. Sports is our favorite activity, which create the opportunity to meet and to know each other. We experience many adventures and get on well with all members. We are close to Jean Vanier’s  ideas and many of them we are trying to apply.

Our section is already 22 years old and currently has 15 athletes (people with intellectual disabilities) and 8 assistants. We meet twice a week for practicing sports activities, kayaking trips, sometimes on competition, and on some common celebrations. Every year we try to organize a summer camp, where we have the opportunity to get to know and befriend.

We would like to invite the group (from Europe) in the summer months, which has a similar structure and values for the canoe camp in our beautiful part of Pomerania. It would be good for the participants to have the ability to swim. Canoeing experience are welcome, but they are not essential to the cooperation. We are happy to teach our visitors how to use a paddle and how to deal with a wave. We hope that this camp will bring us much joy. We have experience in dealing with groups of other nationalities, and we know that friendship is possible regardless of the barriers that exist in us ( such as the language). The leader and assistants can speak English.

The meeting can take place this year or the next year and can be a subject for Erasmus+ application.


Leader: Tomasz Biesek  btbiesek@poczta.onet.pl

You can also contact local Eurodesk point:

Local Information Point Eurodesk
Fundacja Rozwoju Ziemi Chojnickiej i Człuchowskiej ul. Koszarowa 8 PL 89-600 Chojnice
Mobile: +48 608-287-831