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Volley for food


Volley 4 Food is a project from~Aj Intercambia~which unites several elements, such as solidarity, voluntary work and volleyball practice.

In the last few years,~Aj Intercambia~has participated in and organised a volleyball tournament in which the main aim consists of collecting food for disadvantaged groups. Now, we are planning the 5th~Tournament in 2018.

With the same idea, we have gone one step further in our project and have proposed the idea of doing a~5th~~tournament in 2018 with international coverage. In this tournament, we can encourage international solidarity, exchange good practices in the development of voluntary sport projects and collect food for the supportive purpose that this tournament has.

Through the Erasmus+ sport programme, we will launch a search for partners who want to participate in this international sportive event. This is composed by two phases:

  • Training phase about voluntary work relating to sport and social

    action (FEB~2018)

  • International Amateur Volleyball Tournament (APR~2018) To carry out these activities, we are looking for partners from more than

12 European  Union Countries to encourage and practice amateur volleyball, with mixed teams and whose participants are older than 18 and who are interested in participating in this international sportive event for solidarity.

This Call is open to ONLY TO ERASMUS+ PROGRAM COUNTRIES~ DEADLINE TO APLY:~15~MARCH~2017 12:00 PM We Need Partners To Fill Online Form.

Selected Partners Will Be Mandate And Pif Docs.

(Do not send docs if they are not requested) More Info And App http://europaerestu.eu/projects/volley-for-food/