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WeSkate - Creating the future European generation The General Direction of Youth of the Xunta de Galicia (Regional Government of Galicia-Spain) organizes the project We Skate.

WeSkate is a project designed for the promotion of sport, and in particular the Skate (Olympic sport in Tokyo 2020) as a tool for social cohesion, which eliminates discriminatory barriers and fosters values ​​of tolerance, solidarity and respect.

The main objectives of the project are:

- To promote the practice of sport as the essence of a healthy lifestyle among young people

- Promote sport as a tool for the promotion of values ​​such as tolerance, respect and friendship

- Develop personal skills and soft skills among young Europeans

- Eliminate discriminatory barriers and contribute to combating bulling

- Provide useful training activities to coaches, teams and parents.

The project provides for a major sport event to take place in A Coruña

(Spain) in May 2017 where we will have exhibitions and competitions of skating, roller hockey, volleyball, basketball and sailing. At the same time there will be training workshops and seminars on the values ​​that the sport transmits and the promotion of fairplay among the players.

Participating organizations throughout Europe will receive a grant for travel to Spain, accommodation and food.

To participate send an email to: [ mailto:info@ingalicia.org ]info@ingalicia.org