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New approaches to learning among the children

Dear EDIC representatives,

Zejtun Primary School ‘A’ in Mala would like to find partners to collaborate in a project under the framework of Erasmus - Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.

I would appreciate it if you can circulate this information  to your contacts and  if you have any feedback contact Elaine on info@europedirectvalletta.eu.

The school intends to involve all their children from Kindergarten to Year 3 (3-8 years old) in the project. The teachers are keen to develop new approaches to learning among the children and explore new methodologies of teaching. They also want to learn more about the education systems and pedagogical methods of other European countries and thus develop their own professional skills

The School Development Plan focuses on the implementation of the Maltese National Curriculum with particular emphasis on developing teaching methods conducive to learning to help children develop skills in all areas of development; namely physical well-being, social and emotional development, fine and gross motor skills, general knowledge and subject matter areas such as language, literacy, numeracy, social studies, religion, science, sport activities, music and arts.

Erasmus+ programmes are an ideal way that countries however big or small in size can freely share their ideas, problems, traditions, intellectual skills, eating habits, traditions, and life styles. Children will realise that while there are many cultural differences between themselves and those of other nationalities, there are many similarities and that these similarities will help to form a bond with others. Through this project, children and staff will also be able to develop their communication and IT skills. Furthermore, it will provide children with an opportunity to improve and develop their learning strategies.

Involvement in this project will be an enriching experience for the whole school, for the community and will help us to broaden our understanding of a wider European perspective.


Kind regards,


Elaine Zammit

Europe Direct Valletta