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Tourism Flow for Seniors and Young People

Dear colleagues,

I send you a research of partner and I wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy new year.

Irene Paolino


We are an Italian company active in the field of energy efficiency since roughly 20 years. We develop technologies and technical interventions that aim to saving and sustainable resources of the families, companies and public bodies. One and half year ago we decided to extend this mission with the development of TASTE&GO. 

Taste&Go  works specifically in the tourism sector, related mainly to sustainable tourism with cycle tours, focused on the cultural, heritage, wine-and-food and rural side.

We are looking for partners (not Italian ones) to add into the consortium in order to submit a project for an active EU Call for Proposal. that aims at co-financing project proposals to facilitate EU Transnational Tourism Flow for Seniors and Young People in Low and Medium Season realized by SMEs (Small and Medium Size enterprises), in line with objectives specified by the European Programme for the Competitiveness  of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises  (2014-2020).

So, the main aim of this call is to strengthen competitiveness of the European tourism sector by encouraging the extension of the tourism season and by increasing internal mobility of seniors and young people.

Please click here to get all the information needed: http://ec.europa.eu/easme/en/cos-tflows-2014-3-15

We are  focused on the Senior target and we are mainly looking for Tour Operators/Travel Agencies that should help in "enriching" with their experience the tourism product we want to develop here in Italy and after widespread the tourist package in other countries.

T.O. will contribute to the creation of a complete and innovative tourist offer that can propose to its own customers, and experience it for first in an European context where it will be possible to establish new and useful relationships with international partners.

We want to ask you to kindly read the content of the call and to tell me if you could be interested in being our partner and if you fullfil all the criterias setted by the call.

Considering the imminent deadline of the mentioned Call for proposals, precisely on 15 January 2015 17:00 hours (Brussels time) , we would like to ask you to let us know as soon as possible if you're really interested,

We want to tell you that we already have the other requested partners and a somewhat ready project. In some way, we will do all the work needed to submit the call. What you are just requested to do is to give us the documents and information requested by the call for each member of the consortium. But before this and before providing other information we'd like to know if you can be our partner and, mostly, if you are interested in this.

Otherwise we will surely keep in contact for future collaborations.


Thank you in advance. Waiting for your kindly reply.

Kind regards,


Taste&Go Team

Email: info@tasteandgo.com

Telephone Number: +39 3891579331