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partner search for youth exchanges

The Municipality of Petroupolis in Athens (Greece) is looking for partners for KA1. In case you are interested please contact them directly:

Our aim is to co-operate in constructing a small-scale European Community Building project for youth. The outcomes of KA1 action for youth proposal, entitled “StoRe” will be the starting point for further cultural exchange on a European level in terms of creation and experience exchange among participants, empowering the community characteristics of the Union.

We invite partner organizations for exchange of youth within our outdoor education program in the Municipality of Petroupolis to live together with our art students in their working and learning environment and exchange cultural and artistic practices, promote different ways of life culture and design new models of European art exhibitions.

We are interested in participants who will be seriously engaged with the program of our proposal and will be punctual as far as the time schedule of the program is concerned and accurate referring to the needs and the objectives of our proposal.

Ages: 18-30 (15 young people from every partner, five of whom with special needs - disabilities along with their companions).


Best Regards


Nikos Deligiannis

Municipality of Petroupolis GREECE

Mayor's Office

Operation & Planning

K. Varnali 76-78 Str.

P.C. 13231 Petroupoli Greece