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Project Proposal in Poland - 2TC: 'Be ONlife not ONLine TC' & 'Responsibility4Safety'

Good Evening:)
I would like to invite you to two projects in Erasmus+. Deadline is in next two days, so if you would like to be a partner please be prepared to sign mandate's tomorrow (tuesday) morning.

1. Be ONlife not ONLine TC - training course about abuse of internet and mobile devices and there's fluence on youth. Aims - promote ONLife life in exchange of ONLine exsistency, aware of dangers in using internet, promote outdoor, sports and activities with friends in real life. Activities - workshops with Addiction Therapist, workshop with IT expert about safety and dangers in virtual networks, making happening in city centre, sharing results with teenagers and youthworkers, open culture evening, trying to survive whole week with minimalised use of mobile devices and social networks.

Paricipants: 2-4 pax per country who want to make at least one promoting activity when returning home (18-35 y.o. - Y&Z generations)

Where&when: Świętokrzyskie Region in Poland, autumn 2017, 7 days of training

Coordinator organization: Social Enterprise Tropem Przygody (Adventure
If you are interested please send your PIC and NGO information to [ mailto:kasperkiewicz9@gmail.com ]kasperkiewicz9@gmail.com

2. Responsibility4Safety - training course about safety during actions aimed for youth. We will talk about child, youngster and youth safety during our organizations activities - workshops, training courses, sport activities, summer camps, everyweek meetings. We would like to talk about risk situations and try to create some safety rules&principles and aware .
Activities: First aid workshop, Q&A session with commercial YouthCamps experts, meetings and workshops with professional services - police, firefighters, paramedics; workshops with Physical education teacher or sports instructor about physicall development and injury prevention, Your case study session, brainstorming, discussion etc. All new knowledge we would like to spread by conference during training, create of Safety Guide for Youthworkers and sharing knowledge by particapants to other youthworkers in partner organizations.

Participants: 2-4 pax per country, experienced (18+ y.o.) and young
inexperienced youthworkers (18-25 y.o.).

Where&when: Świętokrzyskie Region in Poland, autumn 2017, 6-7 days of

Coordinator organization: Association of Social Activity Everest

If you are interested please send your PIC and NGO information to [
mailto:kasperkiewicz9@gmail.com ]kasperkiewicz9@gmail.com

We reserve the right to respond only to selected submissions,
Kind Regards,
Andrzej Kasperkiewicz