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URGENT- Looking for partner for youth exchange

Dear Potential Participants;

As a Bursa City Council Youth Assembly, we are looking for a partner with

6 participants who are between 18 and 26 ages, from 5 different countries who are interested in nature sports. If you interested in our project, please send a mandate form by e-mail: buraksakirdalbudak71@gmail.com

The project details are as follows:

Name of Project: Natural Triathlon

Objective of the Project: To bring young people sports habits with nature sports, communication between young people, to gain team work under natural conditions and difficulties and to gain awareness about health life. To contribute to the promotion of natural beauties with these sports.

Activities: Orientation of the participant sports interested in sports (trekking, climbing, cycling and paintball) will be organized in the culture night, orientation, spreading activity and applied activity experience will be provided ..

Role of partners: Participants interested in outdoor sports are expected to promote the activities and identification of those belonging to culture-country countries and beverages, and to introduce a national athlete or a famous sportsman.

Dates: 16/10/2017- 22/10/2017

Project Place: Bursa/TURKEY

Deadline: 25th April, until 6 pm.

You can also find info pack about Bursa City Council Youth Assembly and mandate form.



Eurodesk TURKEY


Adres: Atatürk Kongre Kültür Merkezi

Merinos Parkı - Osmangazi / BURSA

Tel:    +90 (224) 270 82 70

Faks: +90 (224) 270 82 78







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