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Call for participants at International workshop "Curiosi del Territorio 2017"

Dear All,

The local Regional Institure for European studies (IRSE), that is located in Pordenone (Italy), launched a very interesting mobility opportunity for young students and workers in the field of tourism, foreign culure and commercial exchanges, with a good knowledge of Italian language and the will to learn and to know the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

The initiative called “Curiosi del territorio 2017 – Experiences to live and to share as an added value for the promotion of tourism” aims at exactly that: to promote Friuli Venezia Giulia as a tourist destination able to offer a wide range of first-class tourist services to international visitors.

The project involves giving a group of 30 young people (aged 22-35) from other EU/EEA countries, Eastern Europe, Russia and the Balkans who already have a good knowledge of Italian (at least B2) and who are already working in the fields of international tourism or commerce, or in education, the experience of a three-week, full-immersion course in Friuli Venezia Giulia to enable them to become original FVGgreeters back in their home countries.

The deadline to send the Application form is 10th June 2017.

I kindly ask you to spread this initiative to the young people of your area.

You can find in attach the Call in English and the Apllication Form (to be filled out in Italian language).

Website of the call:



Thank you very much.


Angelica Ferretti

Punto Locale Eurodesk Comune di Pordenone Informagiovani Piazza della Motta, 2 - 33170

Telefono: +39 0434 392533