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Call for partners: IMAGINE: migrant journeys with BoardGame&VR (KA2)

Dear Partner,

S&G is happy to announce a call for partners for this exciting project which will help expand the scope of successful educational tool (The Journey, winner of the 2017 Eurodesk award price;
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tIs1M3tnY8 ).

This game aims to contribute to the already existing efforts to prevent racism, intolerance and xenophobia among youth and to raise awareness of the real living condition of the refugees, by focusing of their migratory phase and underling the many risks and threats they face when trying to reach the EU. Reaching a degree of understanding of this will surely help reducing the diffused prejudices, perception and believes that these people could indeed being helped in their home countries, as experiencing and “wearing their shoes” will make young people understand that no one who has any other option would take the decision to embark into such a dangerous journey, unless sure that remaining in their war-turned home countries would lead to certain death.

The target group is composed by young people (high school and university students), who, thanks to this educational tool and its innovative features of VR and 3D components, will be given the opportunity to have a realistic experience enabling them to better understand the living conditions and daily challenges faced by the migrants during their journey to Europe. This learning experience will be provided both in formal and non-formal learning environments, hence at school and in the Youth Centres.

Proposed activities

As for the already existing board game version, partners will be invited in Turkey for a TC on how to use this pedagogical material in the schools and youth centres (expected participants will be teachers and youth workers), background knowledge on migrants’ issues and on the refugee crisis in the EU will also be provided.
Once returned home, the partners will begin the translation of the game in their national languages; this will be followed by a trial period of six months during which the game will be presented and used in schools and youth centres. Feedbacks will be collected throughout this period and the results will then be presented in a closing conference (hosted in Sweden), which will lead to a comprehensive scientific publication on educational gaming.

The VR version of the game will be produced in limited quantity for a pilot project. Upon successful ex post evaluation, the VR version will be distributed across the other participating countries.

You are kindly invited to send us attached Mandate signed and sealed, with your PIF