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EVS partner serach

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are looking for 2 EVS volunteers starting from September-October 2017 for 9-12 months.
Theme: after school activities, sports, integration Proposed Activities:
You will/might

• take part in the organization and promotion of the extracurricular
activities: language workshops, sport and cultural activities, leisure and free time events, trips and excursions, etc.,

• take part in the organization and promotion of other activities of the
association: different workshops, sport and cultural activities, leisure and free time events, trips and excursions, etc., •get involved in several projects about formal and informal learning, •support the staff and teaching professionals to train their foreign language skill, •promote the international dimension of each activity bringing your own culture and attitude, •support students with fewer opportunity and disability during their after school activities, such as: homework, physical activities, self-confidence, etc., •support all the students or those who would like to be thought foreign language conversation and international project, •support students who are going to graduate in orienteering, •support teaching professionals in their activities in other international projects, •teach about your own culture and the opportunity of mobility abroad for students, •you will work on your own project(s), • you will go to the special EVS events organized by other NGOs, and the NA, •you will go to help other Volunteers in different programmes - as needed, •you will need to do some administrative work as well, however we can promise that it will not be more than 10% of your tasks, •go to different festivals to provide info and make the volunteering experience more popular.

How will you do it?

It depends on the activity. The level of your involvement will be decided together task by task.
Different levels of involvement:
• you can coordinate a youth project.
• you can be a co-leader of some of the organization’s activities • you can support the coordinator of a youth project • you can be responsible for some activities that are a part of a youth project that is being coordinated by other staff.
• you can assist a trainer/facilitator in the organisation for different workshops • you can help staff in charge of the logistics of a programme.

During the week you will have different tasks. The hours may vary week by week. You will have arrangements for 30-38 hours/week (including language training).
During spring, summer and autumn your schedule will be a bit tighter than in winter.
We will try to keep the weekends free, however when there is an interesting program, you might want to join in, and chose an other free day instead. We are quite flexible - and hope that you too. We will also discuss about your holidays, which are 2 days/month.
You will not replace a paid staff, you will work as part of a team.

Profile of the volunteer:
• He/she likes sports
• Patient
• Not afraid of teenagers
• Willing to play a lot
In case of interest, please contact Ada (youthxchange@gamil.com)

Ms Oszlanczi Adrienn
Szabad Ter Egyesulet
Open Space Association
Szekesfehervar city, Hungary
[ mailto:szabadter2007@gmail.com ]szabadter2007@gmail.com
Mobile: 0036703102461