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Dear sir or madam,

The County Council of Huelva in Andalousia, Spain, is looking for partners for an European project under the second call of Interreg Europe Programme called EUROPEAN NETWORK FOR THE PROMOTION OF CYCLE TOURISM IN NATURAL AREAS - ECO - CYCLE. Priority Axis 4, Investment Priority C and Specific Objective 4.1 (Improve the Implementation of Regional Development Policies and Programmes).

The main objective of the project is going to improve local and regional policies related to tourism development cycle natural areas.

The project will consist of two phases, the first dedicated to the exchange of experience among project partners and preparing the implementation of the lessons learnt from the cooperation (actions such as the creation of an European Network of Cooperation for the Promotion of Cycle Tourism in Natural Areas, the definition of a common methodology for the preparation of action plans and the production of actions plans by each partner) and a second phase, monitoring of the implementation of action plans with Pilot Actions.

The total duration of the project will be 5 years, 3 the first phase and two the second.

The budget project will be around 2 ME (85% ERDF).

The eligible Interreg Europe cooperation area covers the whole territory of the European Union with its 28 Member States.

If you have any doubt, please don't hesitate to contact with me.

Yours faithfully,

Vicente Ríos Pérez

Mail: vrios@diphuelva.org

Phone: +34 959 49 47 79 Ext. 10552