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ERASMUS + project: Young exchange

The Mancomunidad de Desarrollo Condado de Huelva is a supramunicipal entity which is formed by 15 towns in the province of Huelva (Andalusia, Spain): Almonte, Bonares, Chucena, Escacena del Campo, Hinojos, Lucena del Puerto, Manzanilla, Moguer, Niebla, Palos de la Frontera, La Palma del Condado, Paterna del Campo, Rociana del Condado, Villalba del Alcor y Villarrasa.

This entity aims to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of its towns. It covers an area of around 2,400 km2 and it gives services to its population of approximately 90,000 inhabitants (almost 20% of the total in the province of Huelva).

This region, located in the southwest of Andalusia, can boast of having great potential due, among other things, to its strategic geographical position along with its environment factors –such as its coastline, formed by extensive white sand beaches which connect to Doñana’s wetlands and marshes- and its historical and cultural values, making tourism a key sector in the Economy of this territory. The coexistence with Doñana National Park is one of our hallmarks.

Other important economic activities include agriculture and agro-industry. The cultivation of strawberries and other red fruits are one of our main crops along with olive oil and wine production which are of the major activities in this region. In our region we have the Appellation of Origin of Wines and Vineyards Condado de Huelva.

This has left the region with a set of values related to local traditions, festivals, customs, handicrafts and gastronomy that have endowed these towns with unique customs.

Our project

We want to lead two youth exchange projects: one associated with wine culture and another related to ecotourism in national parks.

The goal is to sensitize young people so they can develop their lives in their rural territories and they become aware of the possibilities that their environment offers.


We are looking for partners that have characteristics similar to ours, in other words, people who live in territories with a rooted wine culture or that coexist with national parks from: France, Italy, Germany Austria, Portugal or Sweden entities.

Our experience

We are an entity with vast experience of more than twenty years attracting European funds. Recently, the European Commission has accepted one of our projects, the Erasmus + mobility project for VET learners and staff.


Ángela Olaya Camacho

Mancomunidad de Desarrollo Condado de Huelva

+34 637 90 50 78