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Abilities in disabilities through EVS activities! - Poland

Tasks for Volunteers: Volunteer will work in our Foundation, that is active since 1989 for cooperating especially with adult intellectually disabled people, mainly through handicrafts and art therapy. We offer different tasks for the whole team of EVS Volunteers (we apply for 12 Volunteers in this project, 8 for Gdańsk, 4 for Kościerzyna) like below:


  • everyday support in our two occupational therapy workshops in Gdańsk/Kościerzyna, • everyday support in our daily house for people with mental disorders in Gdańsk/Lubieszyn, • organizational support in our office (for example: taking pictures, making presentations on PC, etc.)/all places, • support of our project, which is called “Neighbours house”

(cooperation with the local society)/Gdańsk, • creating own workshops for our participants, cultural events for the local community, EVS presentations for schools and universities/all places.


Being part of these three different areas of our activities Volunteers will be involved in:


  • helping us with all artistic tasks at three workshops of Foundation in Gdańsk, Kościerzyna and Lubieszyn (for example: ceramics, sewing workshops, wood-free paper, various technics, painting workshops, wood carvings), • support all instructors in their regular activities in the workshops, • helping us to assist the disabled people during both, every day activities and occasionally sporting activities (group games, unihockey, etc.), • preparing own workshops in our three places (once a week is suggested frequency), • providing organizational support to FSI and participating in various events such as: open days of FSI, picnics, meetings of integration, events for local NGO's etc., • providing organizational support and participating in charity events, • preparing media and marketing materials (pictures, presentations, films, leaflets, posters) of EVS and Foundation actions, • helping us to arrange and decorate Foundation’s premises, • gardening activities in all mentioned places of work, • organizing language classes for kids from the local society.

Where: Poland/Gdansk- seaside city

When 2nd October 2017/3rd September 2018 (11 months).

Deadline: 15/09/2017

Name of oprganisation: Fundacja “Sprawni Inaczej” (FSI), Foundation for the Differently Able contact person: Dorota Rydel, dorota.rydel@fsi.gda.pl