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Opportunity for young German speaking person



There is an opportunity for a German native speaker to have a 5 months or

10 months paid job as German lecotr in the Vysocina region connected with teaching German or giving German classes or German conversations. The period is from September 2017 till June 2018 or from September 2017 till January 2018 and from February 2018 till June 2018.

Vysocina region is trying to support teaching German in the area with Co-teaching which is a way how to make the German language more attractive. There is cooperation with minimum 8 different secondary schools in the Vysocina region in various towns.

There is going to be a salary of an amount from 950 till 1030 Euros per months and the concrete sum is dependent on more conditions (social insurance, taxes, rate etc.) for the German lecotr.

There will be contract between the German lector and particular school.

There is a sum of 60 school hours (school hour = 45 minutes) which should be done in a month by the German lector.

The expectation is that the German lecotr is active at about 4-6 schools – it depends on the agreement, places, accommodation and transport.

The accmmodation and food is paid by the German lector him or herself.

There is going to be support from the Vysocina regioin in the terms of looking for suitable place. The transport among the schools and places is also paid by the German lector him or herself. The prices depend on the place, way etc. Also can be consulted with the Vysocina region.

If you are interested in or you know about someone who might be please let us know,


thank you,


have a nice time,


Eva Havlickova

Hodina H


E-Mail :eva@hodinah.cz , eva@hodinah.cz

+420 723 902 099

 http://www.hodinah.cz/, www.hodinah.cz, http://facebook.com/oshodinah, http://facebook.com/oshodinah