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Urgent! Volunteer needed from Germany for short term EVS project!

Hello Dear Colleagues,


As Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality Youth Center Eurodesk Contact Point, we are preparing for a Short Term EVS project, which is already approved by the Turkish National Agency, name is "Terra Cotta Symposium".


The project will continue for 1 month; it will start at 5th of September

2017 and will end 6th of October 2017.

It will be in Eskişehir / Turkey and the project mostly about new media technologies, social and visual media.


As the coorinating organization of the project we had done almost all the arrangements and we are welcoming 10 volunteers from 8 different countries, however; we did not get suitable volunteer applications from Germany and we have still one place for a volunteer from Germany. 


So, we'll appreciate if you spread the word to your volunteers who can interesred in such a project and you may also broadcast the project in your own social media accounts through the project link on European Youth Portal.


Here is the link of the project:



Thank you for your time and concern,

Greetings from Turkey!


Eskişehir Tepebaşı Belediyesi19 May Youth Center


Yenibağlar Mahhallesi, Üniversite Caddesi,

No: 144, Tepebaşı / Eskişehir

+90 222 323 8535, 322 1845