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For the health of Europe

Tytuł przedsięwzięcia: "Dla zdrowia Europy"

Type of activity: exchange - children aged 10-13 years

Programme: Erasmus+



We would like to introduce you our project. The matter of our interest concerns growing population of people from the developing countries:

youth’s and children’s obesity. It is seen as the 21st century disease. The main causes of this are bad eating habits and lack of physical activities especially among schoolchildren. Consuming large amount of high-energy products leads to putting on weight and in consequences to overweight and many other dangerous health problems. It is always good time to change our lifestyle. We must remember that we have only one life (one health as Polish saying says). That is why we should undertake a long term fight with improper habits to achieve the goal. The best way to avoid obesity problem is introducing a prevention and widely spread health education for children as early as possible. The idea of our project came from this area of interest.

We are assured that our partners force the same problem of growing amount of overweight and obesity among children and youth so the project itself will probably turn to be a platform for exchanging experience.

In project’s framework we are going to organize meetings, lectures and workshops for students and create a website which will support the implementation of training courses and workshops.

We are planning to promote our achievements and inform local authorities about the course, the progress and results of the project. We are also going to collect the opinions of students and teachers participating in it on the practical use of the gathered information in everyday life. Both teachers and students are going to raise awareness about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

We would like to compare the current experience of our partners, depending on their geographical location, social and cultural dependence. During the project, students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge on healthy lifestyle, what is proper diet and physical activity, but also to develop their language and communication skills. When completing our project we will be able to achieve its primary objective, which is to educate as many children, adolescents, adults as we can on risks and consequences of irregular eating habits and lack of physical activities.


Where: Kalisz, Poland

When: 2015/2016

Deadline: 01/31/2015

Organizer: Szkoła Podstawowa nr 18 w Kaliszu Contact person: Katarzyna Bednarek

Email: katarzynabednarek@op.pl