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EVS Short-term Sending/Hosting Call for partners

Short-term EVS project - Deadline 04th of October

CALL for partners.

Open to Erasmus+ Programme countries


Dear friends,

between summer 2016 and 2017, InformaGiovani had implemented an EVS project which involved mainly first and second generation young migrants in short-term volunteering experiences abroad.

If you want to know more about the project, you can visit blog page created by volunteers.

Given the positive feedback received from participants, we would like to replicate the project and give opportunities to the following group of youngsters at risk of social exclusion:

  • first and second generation young migrants, refugees or “unaccompanied minors” (aged 17-29)
  • deaf youngsters
  • young offenders in probation period

The objective is to offer participants the opportunity to conduct a volunteer experience that enables them to acquire practical and cross-sectoral skills that can be spent on work in a non-formal context and to encourage volunteer individual growth on the basis of principles of solidarity, multiculturalism and active participation in community life.

In case of young migrants, volunteers will be selected among those who have the legal status of refugee or "protected minor", thus having free movement in Europe according to European legislation, in collaboration with our local partner and hosting centre for migrants.

We'd like to involve those youngsters in projects where they can actually get new skills and competencies in different fields, according to their specific interests/needs.

Most suitable projects should be related to:

  • community work with kids, youngsters and/or with people with disabilities (specify the type of disability)
  • organisation of local cultural events, photo exhibitions, theatre
  • manual and practical activities (video-making, renovation activities, carpentries…)

All activities should envisage an initial period of training and guidance on the tasks to be carried out and the new local socio-cultural context in which volunteers will carry out their service.

Volunteers should also be involved in project dissemination activities, through participation in public meetings during, and at the end of the service, and the production of video or paper material.

Each activity should last between 4 and 6 weeks.

Given the profile of participants, hosting organisation should ensure a targeted personal support to volunteers to help them overcome any difficulties related to their difficult cultural, social and economic background or language barriers. Special support will be included in the budget of the project.

In  the phase of project submission, we will apply for reinforced mentorship with the aim to provide some more funding, besides regular project costs, to cover this additional support for volunteers. In the case of youngsters with sensorial disabilities, we would apply for special needs support.

Financial conditions

Organisational support will be distributed as follows:

  • coordinating organisation: 10% (to ensure project and activity implementation)
  • sending organisation: 8% (selection of participants, pre-departure preparation, ongoing and re-entering support)
  • hosting organisation: 82%. This amount will be distributed in three installment (70% before the beginning of the activity; 20% once all supporting documents are provided at the end of activity; 10% once NA provide final balance for project grant)

Reinforced mentorship: if required, we will apply for an amount of 150 euro that, if accepted by NA, will be provided once related invoice and mentorship descriptive report will be issued by partner organisation.

If you are interested in hosting volunteers in the frame of this project, please fill before 26th September 2017 the form available clicking here.

For more information, you can contact Massimiliano Greco at m.greco@informa-giovani.net.