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EVS vacancy in Åmål, Sweden

Dear friends,

I am writing to inform you that we have one free place for an already approved EVS project in Åmål, Sweden, for a volunteer from an EU country. This project was supposed to start on September 1 for a period of

12 months, until 31st August 2018, so we are looking for someone to join our project as soon as possible.

You can find more details in the Infopack attached but I can just mention briefly that the position is at a Young Innvation Hub and the volunteer will work with youths that need encouragement to realise a project. It's also possible for the volunteer to create their own projects. The volunteer will also work with unaccompanied minors, trying to integrate them in activities for youths (also at the hub).

If you know anyone that would interested in our project please tell them to send me their CVs and cover letters to this e-mail as soon as possible:


I also appreciate if you can spread this info among your contacts.

Kind regards,



Kristin Björk


Europe Direct  Fyrbodal

Kungsgatan 20; 662 31 Åmål; Sweden

E-post: [ mailto:europadirekt@amal.se ]europadirekt@amal.se, [ mailto:europedirect@amal.se ]europedirect@amal.se

Tel: +46 532 170 20