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Partner search - higher education institutions in Central and Eastern Europe



As one of the largest non-public universities in Poland we participate in many international projects, also related to the acquisition of European funds. We would like to interest you in the project created by the Erasmus

+ action K2, in which we will be the main trainee and applicant, in

+ close

cooperation with the International University of Finance of Kiev. The project is being developed under the Capacity Building Program in the Field of Higher Education (CBHE) and the main objective of the project is:




Detail objectives:

  1. Creation of an innovative cross-university integrated educational

academic platform in public administration in the context of “Open European Education” initiative.

  1. Introduction of common MPA (Master оf Public Administration)

program to the universities of Ukraine and EU short-term courses of professional training in the public administration sphere.

  1. Formation of an Advisory body represented by the Consortium of

universities, research institutions, businesses and non-governmental organizations of EU – Ukraine with the purpose of implementing the best European practices in the sphere of public administration.

  1. Promoting mobility of the Consortium associated members with an

object of spreading European experience in public administration and in the sphere of civil servants’ training in the project’s pilot regions.

  1. Development of provisions and recommendations to the draft law

"On the civil service reform" in the part of human resourcing of public administration.


We are looking for partners from higher education institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, both with public administration major and interested in participating in the project and not having such a faculty. If you are interested in participating to this project please let us know for making an international “think tank” of this project. Coordinator for this project is Professor Olga Iliasz (oliai@meta.ua) of UoE and IUoF in Kiev.

We are looking for your beneficial cooperation.

Afterward we will inform interested entities about the details of the project.