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ENI CBC MED Programme Partner search from Lorca, Murcia (Spain)


The Municipality of Lorca, Murcia (Spain) is seeking a partner leader and partners to develop a project under the framework of the ENI CBC MED PROGRAMME, priority A.1 Business development, A.1.3 Promotion of sustainable tourism initiatives and actions diversification towards new segments and market niches.

The project Historical Defensive Architecture of the Mediterranean focuses on tourism as a way of preservation and enhancement of the historical defensive network of military fortifications of the Mediterranean (castles, fortress, walls, citadels...). This local cultural heritage shared in the Mediterranean area is underestimated because of it is mainly located on scarcely populated and economically depressed areas but with the advantage of high ecological values.

These Mediterranean defensive areas keep archaeological remains and this value must be preserve and recognise spreading their historical and environmental assets through various means such as: hiking trails, better access to these buildings, enhancing available information, guided tours etc.

The main objective is boosting local cultural and natural heritage in order to attract tourism to areas where usually are not the destiny of choice of the mainstream tourist.

If you are interested in becoming a partner leader or partner please contact ASAP: Mariano Martínez Valverde on: mmartinezvalverde@gmail.com