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Looking for Partners: KA 2 Strategic Partnership for Youth


The Youth Center of Albacete (Municipality/ Local Administration) is looking for 7 partners from EU member States.

Project:  I Decide Europe. IDE

 IDE will be develop in the frame of the next European Elections (2019)


  1. European Elections and youth participation
  2. European values.
  3. European active citizenship
  4. Youth political participation


+ Enhancing Youth Political Participation,  focusing on the chance of

+ the

first voters to take an active part in the decision-making at local, national and European levels.

+ Sharing experiences between partners with different levels and

+ tendency

of youth political participation in last European Elections 2014.

Main activities:

-              International Seminar in Spain, 6 participants per country.

-              Meetings with first voters at education centers (university, high

schools, etc). 7.000 beneficiaries.

-              7 local events promoting youth participation. Every local partner will

organize meetings between youth people and decisions makers as well as the participation of youngsters in at least one plenary session (local


Please, find in attachment more information “about us”

If you are interested in this initiative, please, send the questionnaire “about you” to europadirecto@ayto-albacete.es Best regards, Sonia Zornoza


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