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Partner search for Youth Exchanges from / to Cyprus

Dear Sir /Madam,


With this letter we would like to inform you about our MARATHON RUNNER


in Cyprus in 2006.~ It is a unique club as it is the only one that

offers athletic support to kids and gives them the opportunity to feel

part of the community.~

The main goals of the club are:

1. Educating people with disabilities through sports to integrate into

the wider society.

2.To promote, encourage and develop the spirit of sportsmanship among

people with disabilities and in particular children with special needs.

3.To provide recreational activities for people with disabilities to

the spiritual and moral support.

With the creation of a football team, children have the chance to

participate in football tournaments, attend various social events

including watching football matches, theatres and socialize in

excursions and camping all over the country.


Furthermore, with the participation in a Youth Exchange program we

would like to give children the opportunity to travel abroad and become

aware of different social and cultural realities. Specifically, we are

interested in participating in Erasmus+ Key Action 1 - ~“Youth

Exchanges”, as a hosting or sending organisation. We have so far

organized 3 Youth Exchanges in Cyprus and participated in two other

Exchange Programmes as partners.


Kindly let us know if you would be interested in cooperating with our

organization for a Youth Exchange program and contact us at the email:

 mailto:accounts@kalliskallis.com ]accounts@kalliskallis.com


Marios Hadjioannou

Marathon Runner Club