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Artiversity - Youth exchange


A week in Kraków, the cultural capital of Poland, focused on bringing diverse young adults together to celebrate their individuality and help them obtain new skills in the artistic fields. This workshop will not only leave them with more confidence in their personal work but will benefit them with the necessary knowledge and abilities to continue on the artistic paths they will study over the days.

The participants of the expected 5-7 day course will be put into 2 groups and will go through workshops in the following fields: retro fashion design, beauty of the retro age (costumization, metamorphosises), retro DIY furniture redesigning and retro photography.

Depending on the final amount of attendants, there is also a possibility of a painting workshop focused on pop art.

The first two days, each group will be mainly focused on learning more information about the history and ideology behind the retro age and the arts, the next 3 creating their own project and the finale of the event would be a gallery, in which artists from all groups can share their masterpieces. Along to these expected courses, there will be many get-togethers in which the participants will be able to integrate with pupils from different countries and share their artistic passions. One of these events is a dance lesson on 20’s retro dancing led by a (T.B.A) famous polish dancer, followed by a party celebrating the accomplishments made during the workshop.

Why are we inspired to expand the knowledge of art, and more specifically, why did we choose retro art?

Our parents always told us, to be successful, we have to become doctors or lawyers. In the modern world, you don’t often hear about a parent who wants their kid to become an artist because they’re known to be always struggling, living from paycheck to paycheck and incapable of putting their lives together. We want to change that. We’re very passionate about artists who haven’t gotten the chance of showing their talent to the world for different reasons, whether it being no access to obtain these new skills or even because of the financial struggle to pay for these kinds of courses, which are usually extremely expensive. We strongly believe that with the right perspective and determination of the artists, we can change the way society looks at this field in a more global setting, but mainly we aspire to inspire and we want to change the lives of a few dozen people from different countries with similar goals and give them an experience that will forever change their outlook and give them the motivation to be infinitely proud of their work.

Why retro art? Because even though it’s timeless and a constant trend within our generation, not many people know and understand the origins of the previous styles that were before them.

It’s also a great base for showcasing all the different fields of art previously mentioned.

Where: Kraków

When: Holiday 2018

Deadline: 10/01/2018

Organiser: Grupa LASEM

email: [ mailto:artiversity@gmail.com ]artiversity@gmail.com