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Cross-cultural communication and language barrier among youth

Dear colleagues,

A group of young people from Estonia develops an international youth exchange and is looking for partners from Finland and Germany. Below is a description of their idea:

We are young people from Estonia. We have a team of five people aged 14-17. Our leader is 21 and she has repeatedly participated in writing projects.

The name of our team called LOTW. The theme of our project is «Cross-cultural communication and language barrier among youth». The purpose of this project is the destruction of language and cultural barriers, through the development of communicative and social skills, with the help of non-formal learning.

Our project includes the following:

  • Exchange of information on countries and cultures • Development Cooperation (Volunteers) • Identification of common interests • Receipt of intercultural communication • Destruction of stereotypes • Reducing discrimination • Dissemination of information about the possibilities • Development of tolerance • Development of non-formal learning • Overcoming the fear of cross-cultural communication • Development of social skills

As a result we want to achieve: experience of intercultural communication, reducing if the language barrier, the destruction of stereotypes and create new contacts for cooperation.

We plan to hold a youth exchange in Germany, which will take place presumably from 3rd to 10th of August. We need partners from Germany, ready to be hosted and any other country in the Europe ready to take part it. Participants from each country participating can only be 14 - 20 years of age.

Contact e-mail address: lotwteam@mail.ru


Kind regards,


Natalia Mahnova

VitaTiim NGO

Non-formal learning centre

Narva, Estonia