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EVS project in Poland

If your life is boring, if you feel that you need something more, we've special proposition for you !

Be the part of our Sports club Beniaminek 03. If you want to have time of your life join us!

We're looking for volunteers whose would like go long-term EVS (8 months) to our club. Our project has been accepted. Your voluuntering can be start on first part on January.

During the project you can be lead sport classes for children and youth people from our club. You'll can work with team whose organize international and national football tournaments for children and youg people. You can also prepere international youth exchanges for youth people about sport, culture and art. You'll have contact with different people with different countries (our club cooperate with organizations from England, Netherlads, Spain, Iceland, Germany, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia). We will help you in learning english and polish langueges.

You'll can write messages on our Facebook profile.

You'll can training in our sport senior sections. We have a horse riding, football, table tennis, tennis, box and kick-boxing sections.

In weekends you'll can visiting polish monuments, get to know polish culture.

If you interested in volunteering in our club, you should send on our e-mail CV and motivated letter. It's very well that you will discribe your expectations, interests, skills.


E-mail: beniaminek03@wp.pl

Where: Starogard Gdański (Poland)

When: January 2018 - August 2018

Deadline: 15/12/2017

Organiser: Beniaminek 03 Sport Club

Contact person: Michał Borys