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Europe for Citizens Partner Search from Murcia (Spain)



Leit Motiv a cultural association from Murcia (Spain) is searching partners - mainly from Central and Nothern Europe - for a Project under the "Europe for Citizens – Civil Society Projects" Programme.


"Patch-Story Project" is a transnational  European collaboration among current partners from Spain, Croatia, Italy and Portugal. Its target is to understand the European migrations by collecting the social diversity of life's histories narrated by teenagers, getting thus involved in the social cohesion of their local habitat, and sharing their histories with those of other people living in other places of Europe.

Patch-Story is a metaphor of patchwork (or quilt), a textile technique that allows producing items by joining cloth pieces of different kinds and colors.

The project aims will have a local vision in order to generate a transnational and intercultural reflection, propitiating meeting spaces. The cultural and linguistic diversity of the Union will be contemplated, in order to assume a compromise of democratic participation in Europe and to translate it to the participants in the project 


The aims of the project are:

- Promote the participation and the social inclusion of the migrant collective in Europe's everyday training thus future European citizens

- Know the European institutions, their democratic values and those of citizen participation

- Understand the European migrations by giving visibility to the migrant collective and collecting the cultural, social and linguistic diversity and richness from different local perspectives and between diverse countries and European citizens

- Generate spaces to meet, dialogue and reflect on the European migrations and the social inclusion of migrant collective's members in the frame of the European Union

- Favourite the social cohesion through the citizen participation and the promotion of volunteering

- Propitiate common social European politics between the different partners and countries collaborating in the Project.

If your are interested, please contact  Mr  Jesús Serrano on jsc82ct@icloud.com or Ms Lucia Martinez on lmmartinez1983@gmail.com