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An informal network with authors in the field of childrens literature

Dear colleagues,

I'm writing to you on behalf of the city of Omegna (Italy) to present a partnership proposal.

The city of Omegna is working on a proposal that will be submitted to the call “Networks of towns” of the Europe for Citizens program of the European Union.

Deadline 2th of march 2015.

The call encourages towns to cooperate with other towns on a long term basis to explore particular topics or themes, share resources or interests, gain influence or face common challenges.

Our idea is to build an informal network of cities / associations that have strong link with famous authors in the field of children’s literature and who have written relevant masterpieces well-known on a European scale.

This becasue our town, due to the link with the author Gianni Rodari (who was born here in Omegna)  is a perfect example of the kind of partners we are looking for.

The deadline for the presentation of the project is on march and we are now working on the definition of the activities. The project will mainly include two kind of exchanges.

The first one will involve public servants, and will have the objective of exchanging good practices in the valorisation of the heritage connected to the writers (museums, parks, birthplace...).

The second exchange will involve trainers and educators, in order to promote the exchange of methodologies in the children and teenagers non formal education.

The applicant of the project will be the city of Omegna, town of birth of Gianni Rodari, Italy's most important twentieth-century children's author.

We think that this project could reinforce the sense of European belongings, considering the European literature, and in particular the kind of literature that is addressed to the younger generation as an instrument to give new sense to the European cultural heritage.

In case of interest in our proposal please contact bellomo_francesca@yahoo.it We look forward to hear from you, in order to give you more details about how to finalize the partnership.

Best regards

Francesca Bellomo