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Looking for a project to be partner: Erasmus+ : adult education

Hello all,

This association in Madrid is looking for a project to be partner. This would be their first time taking part in a project like that.




FGPS is located in Madrid, Spain. It was created to develop a management support program for people who perform managerial or administrative functions in NGOs, offering training, information and advice.

We would like to participate in an Erasmus+ Education project in the field of adult education, mainly but we are open to other kind of projects. Last year we applied for this round but it wasn’t approved, so we have understood that we should start being partners.

Our main goal is to share our activity and know other entities that are doing something similar, such as consulting for NGOs. In addition, we would like to share our knowledge about e learning from technical to pedagogical aspects.

This would be our first experience in a European project so first of all our aim to get to know a bit better the actions taking part from institutions TO social entities.  An exchange of good practices is the option that adapts the best to our own activity.

Our aim is to participate in the Round of Erasmus+ Education KA204. 


About us: 


Our key areas are 3: consulting, education and promotion of social action through our projects.

Consulting: focus on NGOs and social entities. Our experts offer advice and solutions to people coming from social entities that have doubts or problems in the managing of their organisations. 


Education: Following the previous needed, we offer distance, face-to-face training courses or a combination of both. Our distance learning is well known all over Spain and Latin America with hundreds of students. Universidad Juan Carlos I of Madrid certifies our courses.

We also develop educational programmes for local authorities such as Madrid Municipality and other cities of the territory, as well as private entities.


Our courses list include: Management for NGO’s, Social Project Management, Community Management, Ways of Funding for NGOs, Digital Marketing, Accounting, Taxes and Law (for NGOs activities and services)

Projects: We offer our services to a regional and national level. Our projects go from education, to disabilities, youth, families or voluntary. Since 2009 FGPS is the entity in charge of the Mid-Term Evaluation of EVS in Spain. This is a European programme part of Erasmus+. We are working with Spanish National Agency and the National Organism of Youth.


You can find more information about them attached,

Kind regards,


Jorge Hermida, Natalia López y Sophie Buchanan

Multiplicadores Cualificados Eurodesk

Informacion europea para Jóvenes

Coordinadora Infantil y Juvenil de T.L. de Vallecas

Calle Javier de Miguel 92 .2 Madrid 28018 .Spain.

tel: +34 91 2230414 fax: + 34 912230416



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