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EVS volunteers - Varna, Bulgaria

Dear organisation,


We are a small Bulgarian organisation working with children from unprivileged backgrounds, including minority groups, in the direction of prevention and informal education, aimed to build self-confidence and develop different personal and so-called "soft" skills in children who need it most. Our organisation is located in Varna city and we are currently looking for EVS volunteers for ongoing and upcoming projects involving different activities with the children. All our projects are for the duration of 12 months as once a volunteer establishes a personal connection with a child, it's best for them to work together for the longest time possible, in order to have more effect. Our projects involve activities such as art workshops, theater events, sports, informal education through games, and anything else we can think of to engage the kids, motivate and focus them.

Our most urgent project, called "Creativity on Wheels" focuses more on art workshops, but also may include other activities, organised by our volunteers, such as English lessons, music lessons, sports tournaments, etc. depending on their interests. We try to be as mobile as possible, in order to reach children in smaller towns and villages, where there is no variety of programs as in a larger city like Varna. We have 1-2 villages close by where we have established good relationships, unfortunately work can be performed there only during the summer. Still, we try to be flexible and have worked in different community centers and schools. This year we will be opening a new location  in Varna as well, in order to accomodate the needs of the organisation as we also would like to be able to provide consultation services for families.

I would be happy to provide you with additional details, if you're interested. We would be happy to partner with you on EVS projects and would be thankful if you can help us find new motivated volunteers for our activities.

I will be happy to hear from you.


Kind regards,

organisation's PIC:  944668936"


With respect,


 Miroslav Lyudmilov,

Coordinator for Vidin district

Erasmus +

Sub-program "Eurodesk"

Bulgaria, Vidin, Archar - 3770

19 "Panayot Volov", fl. 1

Tel .: (+359) 876 08 14 25

E-mail: mr.lyudmilov@yahoo.com


Website: eurodesk.eu