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Erasmus+ Ka1 - Project proposal E-learning as opportunity for youth work in digital era

Training courses, call for partners

Thanks to the development of new technologies, e-learning has seen a rapid growth in the last decade.
E-learning doesn’t include just textual and graphic content, exercises and testing, but offers a wide range of possibilities how to make learning more effective and attractive in a course. Audio and video records, discussion groups and forums, online mentoring, games, simulations and many other instruments are available to make educational programs (formal, non-formal) learner-friendly.

E-learning platforms allow us to use for free these opportunities, and according to our objectives, to develop a whole online course (for example as part of preparation phase) or tools for blended learning (educational programs which combine e-learning with traditional classroom methods). In youth work the use of e-learning is still not common, therefore, with this proposal, we would like to promote e-learning among youth workers and youth organization, examine opportunities how e-learning can be used in the context of non-formal education and empower youth workers with basic skills in developing online courses.

Objectives of the project:

- deepen understanding of youth workers about e-learning and introduce opportunities which e-learning offers

- exchange experience with use and development of online courses to improve learning outcomes

- increase knowledge of youth workers about the learning process and  learning design

- empower youth workers with competencies useful for development and evaluation of e-learning courses

- examine the use of e-learning in context of non-formal education

This project proposal includes two Training courses

During the first Training course (December 2018, 7-working days in Palermo) participants will increase their knowledge about e-learning, share experiences with their usage and implementation. Participants will increase their competencies in developing educational programs and will gain practical skills necessary to create online courses.

During the second Training Course (March 2019, 7-working days location to be agreed) participants will work on improving quality and attractiveness of their online courses and will develop evaluation tools which will help them to measure the impact of their activities.


Financial condition will follow the rules of the Erasmus+ Programme. Travel costs will be covered till the limit established by Erasmus+ distance calculator.


We are searching for youth organisation active in Non-Formal Education and Training with experiences in the development of educational activities and programmes, willing to use gained competencies and include e-learning in their regular activities.

- send us PIF of your organisation adapted to objectives of this project
- describe the experiences and motivation of your organization in the field of e-learning and experiences in educational activities
- describe how you can support the follow up of the project

Please send all this information to sasha@informa-giovani.net by 22.04.2018 specifying  E-learning as object of the email.