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Youth Exchange in Spain. Looking for partners

Hello every you,

We are preparing a trilateral Youth Exchange this summer - , but one of our partners is “missing”.
The project will be developed mainly in Albacete and 2 days in Valencia or Madrid.

Youth Exchange: TICs4YOUTH
APV: 7-9 Ag.
Youth Exchange: August, 20th to 27th Ag.
Participants: 14 -17 aged. Capacity of communication in English or Spanish language.
Groups: 6 (equal gender) + 1 leader per country. Youth people with fewer opportunities are very well welcome.
• Reflect and learn about technology as a primary means of socializing and communicating.
• Offline activities: Acuatic Multiadventure, intercultural evenings, trips, cultural visits, and more.

Please, if you are interested in being our partner in this proposal, send ASAP!!! your PIF and mandate to europadirecto@ayto-albacete.es

Thank you very much

El Portal Europeo de Juventud agradece su consulta.
Thank you for your enquiry to the European Youth Portal.

Esperamos que estas indicaciones le sirvan de ayuda. Si tiene más preguntas, no dude en contactar con nosotros.
We hope that these guidelines will be helpful. If you have more questions, just contact us.

Paco Pérez (coordinador CIJ)
Sonia Zornoza (informadora juvenil en Europe Direct)