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Join to the Seminar
EVS-it works!

Place: Lublin/Nasutów, Poland
Lenght: 7 days including travel days (approximately around autumn)
Topic: We want to exchange knowledge and experience, good practices and methods in EVS topic, talk about challenges and opportunities in EVS especially in context of labour market.

How do you show your EVS? What are the good practices? What problems happen most often? How to prevent them? What is the future of volunteering? What are the opportunities and challenges? Is the EVS almost like an internship or almost like an adventure? What is the connection between volunteering and person's labour market value?  In the group we will try to answer these questions (and some more) through workshops, open sessions, case studies visits in organizations and working together.

We would like to invite 1 person (EVS coordinator or tutor) from each organization.

If you are interested to be a part of this great idea  please send us PIF (Partner ID Form) with basic information on your organization and description of your experience in youth work and in this particular EVS field and filled, stamped and signed mandate.

We would very much appreciate, if you send me signed mandate and PIF ASAP so until the 25th of April (Wednesday) here: monika.mieleszko@sempre.org.pl


Monika Mieleszko

Fundacja Sempre a Frente/ Sempre a Frente Foundation
Regionalny Punkt Eurodesk w Lublinie/Regional Point of Eurodesk Lublin