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GSM is looking for partners for the approved evs project

Dear Friends, 


I hope your day is going well,


We are going to start our approved EVS project which we submitted in 2017 R2. We are looking for partners who have the potential to find volunteers easily from EU counties. It is really urgent because the project is going to start soon. 


I prepared a document for you which explains the project in details, you may find it attached. There are several tasks to be undertaken by the volunteers on 1 for the first period and 2 for second period periods. The first period will be 4 months and we will place 1 volunteer from your organization. The second Period will be 4 months and we will 2 volunteers from your organization. That means as a total 3 we will have volunteers from your organization. We defined 2 different deadlines for each period in order to be on time because each task are very much linked with each other and it is very important for us to have an ongoing process. 


1.Period 07.01.2019-08.05.2019 ‘’ Youth Information and Social Media’’’and ‘’Intercultural Orientation Team’’ Deadline to send applications: as soon as possible (1 Volunteer)

2.Period  09.05.2019-09.09.2019 ‘’Documentary on Volunteerism’’ and  Deadline to send applications: 01.02.2019 (2 Volunteer)


So please have a look at the document and send us the most suitable volunteers  We will be very happy to receive the CV and motivation letters of the volunteers together with the application form you may also find in the below link. Maybe it is a good idea to start promoting the first period now…


As a Sending Organization Cost, We are going to transfer 160 Euro for each volunteer. 

You can reach the documents from http://www.gsm.org.tr/blog/youth-media-portal-we-are-looking-for-volunteers

I am looking forward to hearing from you. 



All the best, 



Alp Başoğulları 

IVS-Erasmus+ Coordinator 


GSM-Gençlik Servisleri Merkezi / GSM-Youth Services Centre

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Tel: +90 312 417 1124