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Extracurricular activities

Our school “ATABAĞI Primary School” is located to the southeast of Turkey, in city of Siirt. We have 268 students and 10 teachers. The age interval of our students is between 6 and 10. Apart from their academic development, our school gives importance to club studies in order to allow students to develop themselves in scientific, cultural, artistic and sportive fields. In our school, there are 9 clubs including music and folk dance, sports, drama, chess clubs and regular activities and studies are performed every week. Besides, in our school, voice, knowledge and logo contests are held in order to let students taste the fraternity feeling and enable sharing. Our school holds kite fest every April and lets the students live the indescribable joy and love of nature.

Student parents are also invited to the fests and both children and their families take advantage of this interaction. With the motto of “Child growing without book is like a tree growing without water” book reading hour is held in our school every day in order to let our students become conscious about book reading and enrich their vocabulary. In Atabağı, students’parents depend mostly on pistachio trees for their livelihood and our students make ornaments from pistachio shells in their free times.

Every school year we prepare a kermess and our students sell their ornaments in order to make money and help poor children.

Siirt is a place worth seeing with its climate where four seasons are lived to the fullest, with its fertile soil where all kinds of vegetables and fruits can be cultivated, handicraft blanket and carpets, with its source of health, Pervari honey, with its coarse grained pistachio, with Zivzik pomegranate having specific taste, natural beauties, historical pieces of art and with the saints kept in its heart.

At the same time it is a trilingual city where multicultural people with different beliefs live. Turks, Kurds and Arabs live together in peace and tranquility in the city.

Hot springs, shrines, historical mosques, castles and bridges are among the important historical and touristic values of Siirt. Derzin castle, Ulu Mosque, Sağlarca hot spring, Kaletül Üstad hill are among the places to visit.

We are looking for partners for Erasmus+ K1,Mobility Project for school staff. We want to take part in job shadowing activities. We are also interested in making study visits including meetings and discussions with teachers and other staff, comparing system of education, methods etc.

The purposes of this project are to determine what the extracurricular activities you have, to reveal the content of each extracurricular activity, to examine the attitudes of your students to determine the role of teachers in this process.We are open to exchange experiences. Please contact us with ant questions and suggestions you may have.


Contact person: Didem Kart

E-mail: didem.kart@windowslive.com