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Fenix - Rise to Life

Foundation " Fenix - Rise to Life " is looking for a partner, or it will be a partner in the project on Mobility in the field of youth in Action 1.

Learning mobility , mobility projects in the field of youth.

Foundation " Fenix - Rise to Life " is an organization with non-profit operating in Poland from 2013 year Wodzislaw Slaski The purpose of the Foundation " Fenix - Rise to Life " is to support young people from dysfunctional families and the poor given assistance in the field of intellectual and social-life . We help teach , educate and develop young man. The Foundation supports children and young people from dysfunctional families that is, from families that do not meet basic needs: psychological , children and youth living neglecting them emotionally , educationally , and municipal and alcohol addicts , co-addicted individuals , families dependent on alcohol .

The Foundation has experience in the implementation of national projects on education , and promotion of abstinence from drinking , drug prevention organizations and therapeutic recreational camps for people at risk of social exclusion and conduct telephone helpline for people with problems of addiction to alcohol, drugs and psycho- active substances .

This year, the Foundation " Fenix - Rise to Life " wants to organize , or want to participate in a project on educational Mobility Action 1 , the area of mobility in the youth field. We want to apply in the period

04.30.2015 . At 30.04.2015 year we are looking for an organization : a group of at least eight young people aged 13-30 years, with the leader of the group who are interested in sharing experiences on issues related to social exclusion and problems with alcohol , drugs and psycho- active substances . Foundation " Fenix - Rise to Life " wants to take part in the project with the organization with experience in the implementation of projects aimed at people who were at risk of social exclusion.


The project we propose:

- Youth exchange your applicator ,

- The length of the exchange participants in the project 21 days

- Meeting participants from different countries and cultures ,

- Briefings on the cultures of the partner countries ,

- The organization of workshops , exercises , debates , games and meetings related to the theme of the project.

The project aims to encourage young people to discuss social problems in Europe relating to social exclusion , problems with alcohol , drugs and psychoactive substances.

The project will contribute to exchange experiences and views on the problems of social exclusion . The project also aims to build lasting relationships and develop appropriate and effective forms of cooperation, communication between partners.

During the project , the project will develop materials in form of a multimedia presentation , the guide describes methods for counteracting the phenomenon of social exclusion , to cope with problems relating to the use of stimulants in the form of alcohol , drugs and psychoactive substances , created a website , on which stakeholders will exchange their ideas .

For the project we are looking for : youth organizations , associations and foundations , institutions operating at local , regional and national , regional associations , European grouping of territorial cooperation , operators in the sector, socially responsible business.


Deadline: 15.04.2015

Contact person: Beata Odrzywolska-Kokoszka

Email: fenix.projekty@gmail.com