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Seminar on CLIL activities

Dear colleagues of the Europe Direct relay,

We forward an invitation to take part in a two days seminar organized by the Museum of Flight - VOLANDIA MUSEUM (Province of Varese, Lombardy Region) and by the Local Educational Authority of Varese.

The international and educational event is scheduled for the 20th and 21st april and it is addressed to teachers and head teachers of secondary schools in Europe interested in visit the territory of the province of Varese, in the northern part of Italy, and take part in a seminar on CLIL activities.

The offer includes:

-    Guided tour of the Volandia Museum (11 pavilions)

-    Sightseeing of the tourist attractions in the area around Varese (Lake Maggiore)

-    Seminar on CLIL activities

-    1 night stay for one/two persons + meals (breakfast, dinner and 2 lunches)


Over the years large aircraft constructors, like Caproni, Agusta, Aermacchi and Siai Marchetti have brought fame to our territory and created a real flight district, which Malpensa airport is part of.

Volandia Museum offers a wonderful exhibition itinerary that takes you deep into the history of international aeronautics, with focus on the companies that have written the story of the province of Varese, the province with wings, and all of Lombardy and Italian industry.

The exhibition is divided into five areas: forms of flight, fixed wing, rotary wing, model aircraft and Tiltrotor. It tells the great history of flight in all its forms, from pioneer flights in hot-air balloons to the first aircraft in the early 1900s right through to the Tiltrotor, the perfect fusion of vertical and horizontal flight.

The Park and Museum of Flight has plenty of indoor and outdoor areas for children, with space dedicated to the different age brackets.

For older visitors there is the simulation area, library, historical archives (consultable online), convention room and film showings.

The Volandia Store sells a wealth of park and museum gifts and mascots and many other wonderful articles. The Flight Café is the perfect place to take a break and have something to eat and drink.

Volandia makes flight dreams and fun happen.

Volandia is managed by Fondazione Museo dell’Aeronautica whose aim was to organise a park and museum dedicated to aviation on the historical industrial site of the “Caproni Workshop”. All around the park and museum you can listen to exciting adventures involving the aircraft on show told by volunteers of “Amici di Volandia” association, whose members include fanatics and former workers at the aircraft companies.

Volandia is the result of the hard work and effort of thousands of volunteers, workers and businesses, and is proof of a passion deep-rooted in tradition and projected towards the future.

Website: http://www.volandia.it/en/index.asp

Teachers and Head Teachers interested in take part to this seminar have to write an email to aleanto3@gmail.com before 31st March.

We ask you to be so kind to disseminate this opportunity among your   Secondary Schools and teachers contacts.