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Community of practice on school-work

Dear Collegues,

we are searching for partners for ERASMUS + KA2 (Strategic partnerships in the field of education, training and youth). Deadline: march 31th.

The training agency "Per-Corso" of Lucca (Italy) is looking for schools in the field of tourism, and companies (such as hotels, restaurants or at least in the tourism sector) for the Call for proposals 2015 — EAC/A04/2014, KA2 - Strategic partnerships in the field of education, training and youth.

Can you help us, please?


This is a brief summuary of the project:

The project promotes the development of an action at a European level aimed at supporting the implementation of a quality system of vocational education and training in the field of tourism, oriented to the world of work, through the redefinition and adaptation of curricula and VET and the implementation of innovative learning methodologies based on the alternation between school and work.

The development plan, in the logic of integration, involves the participation of actors belonging to the system of education, training and work. It 'expected to join the project to high schools, universities, training agencies, companies and local and regional school office.

In order to structure effective alternating paths, starting from the concrete needs of the production realities and specificities of individual fields of study, it is planned to create:

_working group between teachers, business mentors and tutors, educational visits of teachers tutor in companies in order to learn all about the world of the company and the various work processes. This is aimed at defining and planning programs for the schools and at the design of plans of company internship.

_Meeting Of consultation between international partners with the aim of creating a community of practice on school-work.

_The Creation of a platform usable "in-the-cluod" through which information can be shared, and documents relating to good practices tested. The space will contain programs of study in detail, the minutes of the proceedings of the tables with businesses, models and best practices that emerged in the implementation of the routes. This tool will support the continuing education of the teacher-tutor.