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Erasmus+ KA2 - Partner search

Dear colleagues,

Please find further on a partner search from a Kindergarten in Ruse, Bulgaria. I would be thankful if you can spread their search to Kindergartens or Universities in your area.

They are interested in being partners for Erasmus+ project as they lack experience in project management.

Please contact Mrs. Silvia Angelova on dgsuny@abv.bg or silvi.1212@abv.bg

Best regards,

Konstantin Stoyanov




14 Sheinovo St, phone 082 84 58 59, email: dgsuny@abv.bg


Sun All-Day Kindergarten is a large kindergarten which has three buildings and two branches with 13 classes and over 350 children.

Sun All-Day Kindergarten offers a wide range of educational programmes including maths, Bulgarian language, nature and society, music, art and sport. We have a pleasant indoor swimming pool where children learn to swim under the supervision of a specialist sports teacher. Our main aim is to mold children with appropriate knowledge, positive habits, self-confidence, and social behavior skills. Our little “suns” graduate from our kindergarten well-prepared for their future roles as primary-school students. We achieve this by providing a highly-qualified team of professional teachers and assistant staff. We use innovative methods and techniques of education and upbringing. One main accent in our work is providing good dental health care and promoting oral hygiene. We are the only kindergarten in town where children brush their teeth during their day with us. This is part of the project, Pearl-White Teeth, realized with the assistance of Metropolia University, Helsinki. In our modern, well-equipped rooms, the children find a stimulating atmosphere in which to learn, play, create and have fun.