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Massive Online Open Courses


Center for European Studies on High Industrial Management ERASMUS K-2 2015 (First Draft)

The project’s General Objective is to promote postgraduate studies linking different aspects of the EU with its influence on company management innovation.

The specific object is to promote a series of MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses), generated in Spanish and English (A third language is always possible) through a last generation Virtual Campus or E-learning platform.

In September 2015, two courses will be launched: The EU: History, past and present and Innovation on Company Management. In preparation for a near future offer, there will be courses on The European Federalist Idea,  The Logical Framework and integral project cycle management or The Preparation of Files for I+D+I+C + D European Programs.

Several high level events (conferences, debates, etc.) will constitute the second element of the project. They will be organized around the countries of the participant organizations.

Third, a particular care will be taken on the diffusion and visibility of events and results of the courses. We will launch electronic bulletins, press conferences and other initiatives. Current EU networks (Europe-Direct, teams Europe, etc) will be regularly informed.

Social networks will be used for diffusion, teasing and awareness raising. Their own dynamics will be consequently exploited.

For more info, mail me at Santiago.herrerovilla@gmail.com Many thanks and all the best


Santiago Herrero

Team Europe Spain