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In service training for teachers focusing on educational and good practice and stage for student

Dear colleagues of the EDIC relay located in Austria, Estonia, Finland and Germany

We forward a partner search request within the program of Erasmus+ (KA1 + KA2).

The secondary education institut “MAGISTRI CUMACINI” of Como (Lombardy Region) looks for partners in Europe (Germany, Finland, Austria, Estonia) for the project "In service training for teachers focusing on educational and good practice and stage for student", in order to participate in the call for proposal Erasmus+ KA2 (deadline 31th march 2015).


Objectives of the Project:

To develop partnerships with schools and organizations across Europe in order to improve the standards and the quality of teaching and learning.

Through in-service training on syllabus it will be possible to compare the various courses offered by our high school with other similar ones in Europe and to examine both different teaching models and their impact on the learning process.

Furthermore, it will be possible to compare skills and competences acquired by students and the necessary qualifications for job opportunities , in order to be more competitive and ready to face up to new challenges and to meet the needs of the working world.

The project aims at improving, enhancing and possibly at adapting the educational syllabus to the European standards (also in the subjects of specialization of the Institute: buildings, electronics and energetic systems, informatics, mechanics).


Actions KA2:

 -Develop an online platform to exchange and share professional knowledge.

-Offer small groups of selected students (from 17 to 19 years old) the opportunity to have a two-week working experience in their own specific field in another country.


The project will last about 24 months (2 years).

 The deadline for the presentation of the projects to the European Commission are:

 Key Action 2: 31th march


We ask you to be so kind to disseminate the partner search among your European Secondary Schools which have as main subjects buildings, electronics and energetic systems, informatics and mechanics.


 For further information and contacts

 Mrs. Lorella Lauritano

 Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale “Magistri Cumacini”

 Loc. Lazzago, Via C. Colombo

 22100 Como

 Tel. +39 031/590585

e-mail: info@magistricumacini.it


website: www.magistricumacini.it


Thank you for your kind cooperation and Best regards