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Call for Partners for different aktivities

Dear colleagues, 

Please find below a call for partners for an Erasmus+ projects (KA1 training couse and youth exchanges) in the youth field in Turkey.

If you represent a NGO with members of 14-18 years old, you have the opportunity to become our partner in projects will be applied for at 30th of April as a deadline. The coordinating institutions will be our publib body,Public Education Center and two NGOs from Turkey, that have a long experience with European projects.

Additional info about the idea of the project is at the following;

The 1st: It is youth exchanges about fashion. I want to work with young fashion designers.( especially in this Project we must have italian and france partners)The youngs of each counrty introduce thier countries traditional clothes and the youngs will design modern clothhes by using traditional clothes of countries.At the end of the Project we will have prepared fashion collection.

The 2nd: It is youth exchanges about water sports and mountaning.It will be occured in two diffrent cities in Turkey ( Antalya which has the wonderful sea and beaches in the mediterrian region of Turkey for water sport and Salihli as you know for mountaining)

The 3rd: It is youth exchanges about art. The youngs will paint and draw Pictures by using diffrent methods in order to tell violence to women.At the end of the Project we will organize art exhibition

The 4th: Trainşng course for youth leaders  about using children games as tool at the non-formal education

Please send urgent mail mailto: pinarsenkal@gmail.com

Best wishes from Turkey...