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Dear Youngsters,

We would like to organize a youth exchange, titled Traditions, between

02.09.2015 and 16.09.2015, in Vásárosnamény, Hungary, so we are sending our application to the Hungarian National Agency with the deadline

30.04.2015 in order to win support.

To the exchange we expect five nations including 1 leader and 8 participants.

The main goal of the project titled ’Tradition’ is to help those young people who wish to stay in their hometowns, who want to join in farming or any other jobs or plan to start a business.

The planned ways to offer this help:

  - we direct people’s attention to the habits and traditions, the

    intellectual and material heritage of the region and present them as

    possible ways of making a living

  - we are going to organize workshops with the participation of local and

    regional farmers, folk artists, and young people who are successful at

    keeping the traditions alive; in this way we would like the local

    people to join our workshops

  - we are going to present successful activities which are based on

    traditions, on products that sell good on the market, on businesses

    based on traditions, which make it possible for young people to stay

    in their homelands

In our project we are going to show you our region’s traditional values, we are going to take you for a wellness evening, to taste traditional Hungarian foods and meals, for a regional trip etc. As for you, you are going to present your traditions through performances, acting, short films, presentations and folk games on your own national days. On your cultural evenings you can show us your country image.

The topics and activities will be done together based on sharing the workload.

We are expecting project partners who are mainly interested in how can the habits, traditions, work or starting a business be transformed into possible ways of earning money and making a living. 

We would really like to see you in this youth exchange!

If you would like to participate in the project, please, write us no later than 16th April, 2015, 5 PM to the e-mail address [ _blank:fihacs@gmail.com ]fihacs@gmail.com so that we can send you the~Partner Identification~and~Mandate.


We are waiting for you!


Yours faithfully,


Nagy Annamária



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