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Call for 2 YEs in rural area around Craiova city in Romania

Dear friends,

we are looking for partners for 2 Erasmus+ projects, KA1, mobilities for youth.

1) „MARYA - Multiculturality awareness for Rural Youth Activation”. Maria is the world's most popular name, met in different forms and spelling in pretty much all the cultures on the globe, uniting us with its similar meanings. It is also the name of the youth exchange of 8 days dealing with raising youth awareness to the diversity of cultures living in the same space or close to each other. We will focus our activities in developing a sense of understanding, beyond the first impression and we will try go over the stereotypes surrounding each country non-formally. We plan on hosting 5 groups of 7 people (6 youth + 1 leader) from program and partner countries.

2) "CARMEN" - Community Adventure and Relationship Management through e-Networking. The Youth Exchange will consist of a real adventure to reach a new stage of youngsters' personal development through better managing their emotions in everyday relationships and through the wise use of online communication. Nowadays young people spend more time creating strong personalities on the internet, but cannot sustain real, face to face communication. We will try to go out on the real world and give paxes a journey in the community that involves families and peers, the children and the old, diverse feelings an emotions and we will offer them space to feel, share and learn together. The activities will take place on a period of 8 days in the rural mountain side of Oltenia.

If you are interested to participate, please send to us your PIC number and Partnership Identification Form until 20 of April on the email address:crv.office@yahoo.com

Please write back for any information or requests.

Best regards,

Corina Baragan
Project Manager
Regional Voluntary Centre
Craiova, Str Moldova, Nr 39C, 200370, Dolj, Romania

Toate cele bune,


Simona Jianu - Coordonator Eurodesk
ANPCDEFP - Departamentul Comunicare